Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Beginning

It's amazing how far the internet will take you when you should be immersing yourself into more productive things like searching for jobs, cutting and pasting others' cover letters as your own, and embellishing your resume like you're a college football coach. After hours of googling things like "High School Girls Tennis Team Photos" and "Consumer Reports- Waffles", I came across manhattan transfer's blog, which lead me to IJC, Tennessee Whiskey, and Kiki. All were highly entertaining, with just the right blend of wit, sarcasm, and drunken stories that I try to live vicariously through. Of course, it could also be due to the fact that I am gainfully unemployed and have been living at home for the past 2+ months, where daily highlights include the annoyed phone call from Mom that wakes me up every morning asking about daily job prospects to the awkward daily small talk with the gay 60 year old neighbor. I should also add that home is in the arctic desert of upstate NY where the sun sets at shortly after noon. Clearly I have little life and a huge need for an outlet for these types of stories.

While I'll probably get bored of this by the end of the month when I shockingly plan on moving out or realize what a loser I am, I do have many thoughts to share from the past couple of months, as well as the daily stream of consciousness that comes with doing absolutely nothing while on the job hunt. Expect some bad interview stories, useless baseball opinions, descriptive details on characters and episodes of O.C. and MTV reality marathons, as well as the overwhleming presence of elastic in my daily wardrobe.

Stay tuned.


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I like the title of your Blog. I think you would like mine.

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