Saturday, December 11, 2004


I'm already starting to question this blog idea, not even a couple hours into it. I can't even set the damn thing up correctly. Just getting the right time zone became an issue- I am baffled but mildly intrigued by the endless possibilities of time zones to choose from on here as there were about 28 different choices for America. This was highlighted by "America- Ft. Wayne". Fort Wayne, Indiana? This was the most representative city of the Central Time Zone? There wasn't even a choice for Chicago. I can kind of see their point. If you've ever been to the midwest you wouldn't want to know what time it is either, you'd just want the nightmare to be over.

Additionally, I tried to add links to those other blogs in my first post to no avail. I thought I was good with computers. Apparently spending 11 hours surfing the internet every day, checking your yahoo inbox that never has any new messages doesn't make one a whiz.

Furthermore, I tried to send the link to a friend to check it out and it didn't work. By friend, of course, I'm referring to the generic instant messenger screen names I send things to. You know, like "John". You ever wonder who got the first screen name "John"? I'd like to send an online greeting card to that email address just congratulating him for being the first one and living an easy life, never forgetting his complex login. I tried signing up for this thing and "Jimmy" was already taken naturally. Instead I was given the option of "Tommy9239". You mean to tell me the closest they could come to Jimmy was Tommy? I'm thinking of legally changing my name to something alpha-numeric just so I can login to websites easier.

I'll remind you that it is very much a Saturday night and I am doing this. Fantastic. Somebody please poison me.

Time for the Heisman trophy award ceremony. Reggie Bush is my pick. Doesn't have the stats, but easily the most talented player in college football. If they give to Peterson after not giving it to Larry Fitzgerald last year, or decide to give it to Jason White again, I will officially light myself on fire.

More on David Wells later.


Blogger tennesseewhiskey said...

Send me an email and I'll send you the code with instructions about how to put links in your side bar. Or you can give me your password and I'll do it for you and let you know how to add more links.

I won't mess with anything else, blogger's honor.

It would probably be best for you to do it though, it's pretty easy and it doesn't hurt to know a little html.

tennesseewhiskey at gmail dot com

or use the email me link on tennsseewhiskey

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