Monday, December 13, 2004

Picture Time!

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Massive Party Time! I finally got pictures up on the website and although something a bit more sultry and blonde would have lured some more readers, what better way to initiate the photos then with the big news of Pedro following me to NY. I could argue both sides of Pedro staying or going but in the idea of keeping the site mildly interesting, I'll spare the burgeoning readership the baseball stats. I am slightly disappointed, only because I was conned into buying this stupid bootleg "Vote For Pedro" t-shirt at the parade a few months back when I was just drunk and had a severe case of the friendly eyes. The shirt is not even remotely clever, funny, or fashionable and the back of it says "He'll Make All of Your Wildest Dreams Come True" which definitely casts a weird homosexual overtone that I should try to avoid in my wardrobe. I will say this- Classic Mets. $56 mil for a 6 inning pitcher. Of course I could be eating those words along with a side of Roger Clemens come next year.

On a retirement related side note, I just finished watching the RealWorld/RoadRules challenge and am having a difficult time with the casting choices. I can count maybe one or two girls higher than maybe a 2 left on this show and that's pushing it. Why did they have to axe Cameran and Kina so early on? It kills me. One of my buddies tried to tell me Tonya was hot, but she's a scrunchie and a pair of ProKeds away from being a server at the Terre Haute Ruby Tuesday's (or possibly a worker bee at Pru SoCal). Sadly, that is more employment than I currently have so I really shouldn't comment. I could go a lot further right now, but I don't need to further alienate my 1.5 female readers. I can already picture the "What about Arissa? She's beautiful" comments coming my way.

Till tomorrow with some better photography.


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