Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Lunardi's latest Bracketology is out and I went through a mock bracket since that is the best way to spend my time. Pretty soon I will be making my own Bracketologies and posting them here. If you take a look at the way he sets it up, his Austin region is a veritable Murderer's Row with the top 4 seeds being Wake, Oklahoma State, Arizona, and Michigan State- all in my top 8 picks from last week's post in one bracket. Then you take a look at the Syracuse regional which has UNC, BC, Washington, and Utah as the top 4 seeds. Although Cuse only got a 4 seed, they share a bracket with Illinois, who in my opinion is ripe for the pickings. A small team which Warrick can absolutely dominate. So my Final Four based on this bracket is as follows:

Cuse vs. Kansas
Oklahoma State vs. UNC

UNC over Cuse in the finals.

That's the way it works. You remember I said that.


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