Sunday, January 16, 2005

Welcome to New Jersey!

Retired at 25 is back, baby. Errors fixed and a fresh post for your enjoyment.

Friday night I went to Hoboken to visit some friends who live out there that I hadn't seen since I've been in the area. I was told that we were going to see a band at an Irish bar in a very casual scene where a wet spike was not necessary. So I get myself together and get down to the PATH train around 11pm. As I'm waiting for a train, who should walk up but a girl whom I dated for a while back in college. 20 million people in this city and I get the luxury of awkward small talk with an ex-girlfriend within 2 weeks of being here. Here is one gem from the exchange:

Girl: "Guess what? I'm engaged!"(flaunts the ring)
Jimmy: "That's wonderful! I'm unemployed!"(flaunts lack of self-worth, empty wallet)

As always, making others feel much better about themselves. Where was my Volvo SUV when I needed it? I should mention that earlier in the evening I went downstairs to the convenient store in my Frank the Tank robe and slippers to buy a loaf of bread and peanut butter for my dinner and also went through the price menu at length with the cashier as to which is the cheapest six pack of canned beer. Can't get much better than me right now.

Anyway, since I am a talker, I was able to avoid the potholes of further awkward conversation during our PATH ride to Jersey, eventually making inquiries into the availability of her attractive sorority sisters which was actually welcomed and I have been subsequently "friendstered" into her network.

Increasing my friendster points for the evening once I got to the bar, was the fact that I traveled all the way to Jersey to witness a Bon Jovi cover band in a smoky bar. Could it get any more Jersey/worse than this? Maybe if they had a video slide show of power plants and cesspools to accompany the music I guess, but still, couldn't my friends have weaned me onto jersey a little less severely? And nothing tops ending a night showering off the stench of smoke after waiting for a train in a cold PATH station for 30 minutes. I am a good friend but I am officially never going back to Hoboken again.


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