Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand.....Good Afternoon Everybody!

First of all, congratulations to Mike and the Mad Dog for 15 years on the air. My earliest memory came from listening to their Braves/Twins World Series coverage in 1991 as a husky 7th grader. Thankfully YES network broadcasts their show on cable up here, making an afternoon in retirement absolutely glorious. Nothing like watching a radio broadcast on television, but they manage to keep me entertained and informed in the otherwise uncompetitive 1:30-6:30 time slot. I'm sure certain readers employed by WEEI in Boston won't hesitate to get sandy with me about this shout-out, but remember, you have the highest ratings in the Nation. WEEI's hosts are about as cool as Clams Loaf's website, but your producers are well versed in college sports.

Sox signed Renteria today and I really have no emotion about it at all. Great, Edgar Renteria. I understand we have to sign a shortstop and he's the best available so I accept it, but I am not overly enthused. If it was "The Man", however, it'd be an entirely different story. I will point out, that at $10 mil per, he's a relative bargain considering we offered Nomar $15 mil last year which he turned down. For that I am thankful. Rent is also a better hitter than Cabrera and supposedly has better range. I'm still hoping they keep Hanley and bring him up (nothing like cheap talent developed in your system), although it is a catch 22 whether or not to deal him for better starting pitching (Burnett, Sheets, or Hudson). I have confidence in the front office to get it done or else it could truly shift to "Pats Year Round".

On another note, these holiday gifts can be mailed to me at any time. I think the silver one would be the money when I mingle in NYC and, like a glass of Zin and some Johnny Mathis, would most definitely have the ladies eating out of my hand.

Finally, I just listened to an Air album I used to listen to all the time in H-Town's 'Burban, riding home 'ammered to the Village, circa fall 2001. Made me finally emerge from that Maker's induced blackout of a Fall. Get your 'Burban on while you can, rumor has it that it may be gone come springtime.


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