Friday, January 21, 2005

My Chat with Keith

My sportsbook account has not allowed me to log in since Monday. This keeps me away from online Craps which is probably a positive, although I have caved in and phoned in bets in the meanwhile. However, it's been 5 days and I am on the verge of breaking down so I clicked on 24/7 "Techincal Help" and here's what happened:

Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Keith'

James: I have not been able to log in for 5 days. I have been walked through all the techincal stuff and it still isn't working. I think it might be something with my login
Keith: How may I help you today?
Keith: is the error message saying login not sucessful.
James: No I can't even get to that screen. It's one of those generic Microsoft "unable to display page" screens
Keith: well then this has nothing to do with your login details.
Keith: it my jst be your computer. what have you been told to do?
James: i've checked all the security settings, cleared the temp files, etc. it's just strange that it was fine and then since monday it hasn't allowed me in
Keith: have you checked your connection speed?
James: what about it?
James: ok. well how do i check it and subsequently improve it?
Keith: well you should have an icon in the lower right hand corner of your computer with 2 computers click on this to check your connection speed.
James: 100.0 Mbps
Keith: it should be be alot higher than that
James: ok. well how do i go about fixing it?
Keith: i am not sure James i am not a techincal advisor.
James: well what are you?
Keith: customer support for gaming.
James: ok, well yours is the only web site I am having problems with
Keith: if you have tried all the solutions i am not sure what the problem is.
James: do you work with any techincal advisors?
Keith: Unfortunately I dont.
James: Well Keith, what do you propose I do about my inaccessable sportsbook account?
James: Keither?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing quite so frustrating as trying to give action and not being able to...

9:28 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

LOL. What a fuckin retard that Keith guy is. 100mpbs is a phenoninal connection. He probably just said that shit to get u off the chat line. Cancel your account and copy/paste that conversation to someone important @ the site.

3:15 PM  

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