Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Retired at 16

MTV has pulled out all the stops in its quest to satisfy "creepy, retired-25-year-olds-with-pedophilic-tendencies" with the introduction of their new show My Super Sweet 16, which focuses on extravegantly wealthy 16 year girls planning their sweet 16 parties. To top it off, once they showed the opening scene being filmed in La Jolla, CA, I was officially on board.

I remember my 16th birthday party. It was, like, so cool. Four or so friends came over and we played a round robin badminton tourney in my backyard and followed it up by breaking out the board game classic, Stratego. I don't even think I won and it was my birthday. And there were no girls present, unless you count my cat and my mom, which makes two.

Regardless, the following quotes were exchanged during the show

Jimmy: "This has excellent potential."
Female Roommate (scornfully): "Just remember they're 16."
Jimmy: "Exactly."

Jimmy: "I would really like to be invited to this party."
Co: "Would you hook up with one of them...."
Jimmy: "Eh..."
Co: ".....if nobody would find out?"
Jimmy: "Absolutely."

Time to go rub one.....I mean, go to sleep.


Blogger farsename said...

you have a filthy mind, but I like the way you think...

11:13 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

We'll see if you still feel like rubbing one off after next weeks episode!

2:51 PM  

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